Lead the generation of associative, sustainable and innovative synergies in the swine industry


We are a highly professional, transparent, solid, confident, innovative company, committed to the development of the people and their communities

We are leaders in associative pig production models

We develop and participate in different links of the marketing chain


Universal Values
Transparency, Respect, Commitment to People, Professionalism, Honesty.

Instrumental Values
Professionalism, Reliability, Innovation, Healthy, Ambition, Leadership

Cultural Characteristics
Order, Cleanliness, Neatness, Continuous Improvement, Attitude, Assistance, Teamwork and Communication


Isowean S.A. was founded in 2008 by two small swine farmers from the town of Monte Buey (Córdoba) when they discovered that they could grow and develop faster and more efficiently by joining forces in a business such as swine farming, where scale is a great advantage.

Sales began in February 2009 as a result of a new stage of breeding based on world-class genetics and maximum energy feeding with top quality raw materials.

In 2011, the Grassi Family, owners of Grassi S.A. and Commodities S.A., one of the most important brokerage firms in the country, joined Isowean S.A., increasing the capital in order to grow faster with the goal of growing to 6,500 mothers. This is another example of associativism, continuing the initial idea of Isowean S.A., generating synergies through these actions.


In 2015, an export consortium was formed along with other swine companies with the aim of placing a portion of the production in the Russian and Asian markets.

In 2016, the company was recognized by the Grupo de Intercambio Tecnológico de Exportaciones Porcinas (Swine Export Technology Exchange Group) for being among the companies with the best production rates in the industry.

In 2018, it was distinguished with the Business Innovation Award granted by BBVA Francés bank, in the category “Agricultural activity showing entrepreneurial ingenuity”.

Currently, the company has 6,500 mothers in production, and an ongoing project to expand to 11,000 mothers in total by the second half of 2022.

Isowean S.A. is part of the following institutions

Isowean S.A. is part of the following institutions


In Isowean we have a very clear objective for growth and development. This is the reason why we are currently working together with Crisabe S.R.L. and Innopor S.A.

At present, we are in a new process of searching for associates to add 60,000 fattening places necessary for the new stage of growth.

Isowean S.A.’s growth model is based on productive associations with farmers who add value to their production.
Crisabe S.R.L. has two fattening facilities with a capacity of 22,000 animals each in the town of Marcos Juárez (Córdoba).
Innopor S.A. was created from the merger of 5 agricultural producers in the area of Monte Buey and Justiniano Posse (Córdoba), with a fattening facility of 22,000 places located in the town of Monte Buey.


Ruta Provincial Nro. 6 km 205, X2589 Monte Buey, Córdoba
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